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Alli (Orlistat) is the only FDA approved weight loss product,that can help losing about 50% more weight than with just dieting alone.

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Alli drug for weight loss

Diet pills have come a long way since the amphetamine time of the 1950s. And while each new generation of diet pills was more dangerous than effective – for example, fen-fen and ephedra. Experts from all over the world are still searching for effective diet pills, but with safe properties.

But while these pills offer hope to reduce the ever-expanding waist, experts warn that there is no panacea. “These drugs work only if you also change your lifestyle, which means that you will exercise and diet.”

Originally created as a prescription drug, now available in a lower dose without a prescription, called Alli. A drug that you take up to three times a day with meals prevents you from digesting about 25 percent of the fats you consume (by joining some of the enzymes responsible for splitting fats from food). The number of blocked calories will depend on how much fat you eat at a time, but most patients block about 100 to 200 calories per day.

So, how are these calories displayed on weight? According to a study by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare, people who took Alli for six months lost an average of 50 percent more weight than dieters — say, 7 kg compared to 3 kg.

The Alli Kit, which includes a monthly supply of diet pills, costs about $ 19.

Alli is designed for overweight people, especially for those who have a body mass index (BMI) – measures body fat based on height and weight – at least 25. “Alli, like Xenical, will be useful for people who often eating out and not controlling how much fat is in their diet. “

Alli mode of application and dosage

For adults, the recommended dose of Alli is 60 mg (1 capsule) 3 times a day with each main meal in combination with a low-fat, moderately low-calorie diet. The capsule should be taken immediately before meals, with meals or no later than 1 hour after meals, with a glass of water. If the meal is skipped or if the food does not contain fat, then the drug Alli should be missed.

During the day, you can take no more than three capsules of the drug.

The drug should be taken only in recommended doses.

Treatment is recommended not more than 6 months. The results of weight loss are recommended to discuss with your doctor. If, after 12 weeks of using Alli, no decrease in body weight is observed (that is, a decrease in body weight is less than 5% of the initial one), consultation with a physician is necessary to decide whether to continue taking the drug.

Alli side effects

Clinical studies of orlistat at a dose of 60 mg for a duration of 18 to 24 months established adverse reactions from the gastrointestinal tract, which were generally mild and reversible. They usually manifested at the beginning of treatment. A low-fat diet reduces the likelihood of such reactions.

From the gastrointestinal tract were observed: very often – oily discharge from the rectum, discharge of gases with a certain amount of discharge, imperative urge to defecate, steatorrhea; often – pain in the abdomen, fecal incontinence, loose stools, increased bowel movement.

As a rule, these side reactions are mild and transient. They occur in the early stages of treatment (in the first 3 months), and most patients had no more than one episode of such reactions.

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