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Active Ingredient: Tamoxifen

This remedy falls somewhat out of the general range of drugs, since it is neither an androgenic nor an anabolic agent. And yet it is worth advising as a necessary useful tool for bodybuilders, which is and is proved by its wide range of effects and positive results. Nolvadex belongs to the group of sex hormones and is an anti-estrogen. Normally, its scope is the treatment of certain forms of breast cancer in women. The drug stops the growth of malignant tumors and prevents the formation of new ones. The growth of certain types of tumors is caused by its own hormone estrogen. This applies primarily to the mammary glands of men and women, since there is a huge amount of estrogen receptors that can bind to estrogens in the blood.

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Nolvadex drug description

Novladex is a non-steroidal anti-estrogen drug widely used in clinical medicine. It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) from the triphenylethylene family, and has agonistic and antagonistic properties in relation to estrogen. As such, in some tissues it can act as an estrogen, and at the same time block the effect of estrogen in others. In breast tissue, tamoxifen citrate acts as a strong antiestrogen, and as a result is commonly used to treat hormone-responsive breast cancer in women.

In some cases, the drug is even used as a preventive measure in women with an extremely high risk of developing hereditary breast cancer. In male bodybuilders and athletes, Nolvadex is usually used (not for its intended purpose) to counteract the side effects caused by elevated estrogen levels after using some anabolic androgenic steroids.

Indications for use of the drug Nolvadex

  • Breast cancer (especially in menopause);
  • breast cancer (including in men after castration);
  • kidney cancer;
  • melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma containing estrogen receptors;
  • ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer.
  • Prostate cancer (with resistance).

Application and dosage of Nolvadex

The dosage depends on the type of disease. In breast cancer, endometrium, kidney, 20-40 mg are administered orally twice a day (in the morning and in the evening), and reception continues until positive dynamics appear. The course is 2.4 – 9.6 g.

If a woman does not become pregnant due to anovulation: on the second day after the onset of menstruation, 10 mg of medicine should be taken 2 times a day for 4 days. Under the supervision of a physician, the dose may increase to 20 or even 40 mg.

With reduced sperm secretion during ejaculation, the therapeutic dose is 10 mg per day.

The peculiarity of the technique is that the pill must not be chewed with a small amount of non-carbonated water.

The drug is prescribed strictly under the supervision of an oncologist or breast specialist.


  • For children, the dosage is 20 mg 1 time per day. This dose was clinically tested on 28 girls. During therapy, an increase in the uterus was recorded. No more studies were conducted on children.

Contraindications drug Nolvadex

Before prescribing Nolvadex, the doctor excludes pregnancy because the pills can affect the development of the embryo. Anti-estrogen is not recommended for breastfeeding. Contraindications to the appointment of anticancer pills are also:
  • individual intolerance to the active substance,
  • development of cataracts
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • leukopenia and thrombocytopenia.
Today, clinical trials are underway as medications for the treatment of other forms of cancer and estrogen-dependent diseases.

Special instructions when using the drug Nolvadex

Before treatment, women should undergo a thorough gynecological (exclusion of pregnancy) and therapeutic examination.

Tamoxifen causes ovulation, which increases the risk of pregnancy, so women of reproductive age need to use reliable methods of contraception (non-hormonal) during treatment and for 3 months after the end of treatment.

During therapy, it is necessary to periodically monitor blood clotting indicators, Ca2 + concentration in the blood, blood picture (leukocytes, platelets), liver function indicators, blood pressure, to be examined by an ophthalmologist – every 3 months, gynecological examination (if bloody discharge from the vagina or vaginal bleeding occurs taking the drug should be discontinued).

In patients with bone metastases, the concentration of Ca2 + in serum should be determined periodically during the initial period of treatment (in case of severe hypercalcemia, tamoxifen should be temporarily stopped). It is ineffective in the treatment of patients with metastases (especially in the liver).

If there are signs of thrombosis of the lower extremities (pain in the legs or their swelling), thromboembolism of the branches of the pulmonary artery (shortness of breath), the drug should be stopped.

In patients with hyperlipidemia in the course of treatment it is necessary to control the concentration of cholesterol and TG in the serum.

During the period of treatment, care must be taken when driving vehicles and engaging in other potentially hazardous activities that require increased concentration and psychomotor speed.

Nolvadex side effects

Nolvadex is a fairly strong drug, so after taking it, a number of side effects may occur:
  • increased risk of thrombophlebitis;
  • increased liver enzymes;
  • stroke;
  • pulmonary embolism;
  • vision problems;
  • weight loss;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • headaches;
  • intermenstrual bleeding;
  • confusion;
  • depressive disorders;
  • violation of the functional work of the liver (with a long course);
  • osteoporosis;
  • obstructive jaundice (due to gallstones bladder with prolonged therapy);
  • reducing the number of active sperm;
  • a malignant tumor that develops from the uterus epithelium (single case).
nolvadex side effects

Compared to other antiestrogens, Nolvadex has minor complications, most of which do not manifest under medical supervision.

Nolvadex Interaction with Other Medicines

Cytotoxic drugs increase the risk of blood clots. Colchicine affects the tamoxifen hepatotoxicity. Ftorafur can cause hepatitis and cirrhosis. The combination of tamoxifen and hormonal drugs leads to the accumulation of calcium ions in the body, which can cause hypercalcemia. Pharmaceutical products intended for the treatment of acid-related diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can dissolve the tablet shell and inhibit its action.

Nolvadex Alcohol Compatibility

It is strictly forbidden to take alcoholic beverages for severe diseases associated with the cardiovascular and other systems. In men, due to increased testosterone production, the liver is more active. It affects not only the sex hormone, but also the drug itself.

Alcohol can be a cause of aggravation of the pathological process, the emergence of new side effects that should not be observed after taking anti-estrogen tablets.

Clomid vs Nolvadex

What is better than Clomid or Nolvadex? In order to understand this, consider the differences in their actions:
  • Clomid has more effect on the pituitary gland.
  • Nolvadex stops the action of estrogen throughout the body, and another selective modulator only in the ovaries and lower brain appendage.
  • Nolvadex lowers blood cholesterol.
  • After taking Nolvadex, there are fewer side effects, and the cost of the drug is lower.

Both drugs do not affect the level of estrogen concentration in the systemic circulation.

The price of Nolvadex tablets and where to buy them

On the territory of the United States in local pharmacies Nolvadex is not for sale, as it is not registered under this name. Sell only analog – Tamoxifen.

Average prices for 100 tablets of 20 mg in USA:

  • Florida — about $140;
  • Louisiana — about $165;
  • California — about $190;
  • Arizona — about $120;
  • Texas — about $150;
  • Colorado — about $110;
  • Georgia — about $130;
  • Kansas — about $170;
  • Virginia — about $130;
  • Montana — about $160;
  • Washington — about $150.
  • Washington — about $150.

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