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Active Ingredient: Orlistat

Xenical (Orlistat) is recommended and prescribed by pharmacists as a weight loss medication that targets the absorption of fat in your body rather than suppressing your appetite.

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Xenical drug for weight loss and weight correction

In our world, the problem of excess weight appeared at the moment when the “parameters” of the beauty of the female body were established, which are still equal today. And if earlier those extra pounds were an indicator of a person’s material well-being, today they show the inability to control their appetite and desires.

That is why today in society the question of losing weight is very serious. And many solve this problem in different ways. Someone goes under the surgeon’s knife, someone completely changes his diet and begins to play sports, and someone relies on the omnipotent forces of modern medicine and is endlessly looking for another drug that will help you cope with the hated fat without any problems.

And I would like to talk about the latter category of people separately. What only they do not take: diuretics, and laxatives, and antidepressants and much, much more to lose at least 2-3 kg of excess weight. And among these people has become very popular drug Xenical for weight loss.

What is Xenical and how does it help to lose weight?

This drug was developed by Swiss scientists specifically for people who for a long time to no avail waged an active struggle with excess weight. Xenical has one unique action – it blocks the action of lipase.

what is xenical

Lipase is an enzyme that is produced by the pancreas. That it contributes to the splitting and easy absorption of fat, which are then deposited in the sides, abdomen and buttocks. When food enters the body, Xenical does not in any way affect the digestion process, until the moment when the period of absorption and absorption of fats comes. It blocks this process, thereby not allowing the body to make fat reserves.

Thus, it turns out that when Xenical is taken, only proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and acids are absorbed from food by the body. Fat is eliminated from the body naturally.

How Xenical promotes weight loss?

According to the manufacturer, this drug is very effective in terms of weight loss. If you believe all that is written in the annotations to this drug, then this means:

  • It is an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipase, which helps to reduce the caloric intake of food and, consequently, reduce the absorption of fat;
  • does not cause addiction, since its action occurs through the digestive system, it does not penetrate into the blood, therefore it does not have any effect on other internal organs;
  • it is intended only for obese people whose BMI of body weight exceeds 30, as well as those who have various diseases that lead to obesity (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).

But with all this, the reception of this tool should occur along with a low-calorie diet.

Only in this case, its action will be the most effective and the desired result will be achieved much faster.

The distinguishing feature of Xenical is that it prevents the absorption of more than 30% of the fats consumed by humans. And its excretion occurs naturally through feces.

Body fat is energy. When he regularly receives a certain “dose” of fat, he spends part of it on his own needs, and part of it begins to lay in the subcutaneous tissue. But when there is a decrease in fat intake, he begins to experience stress, because he has not yet had time to adapt to new conditions. And in order to somehow cover his needs, he begins to spend energy from stocks. It is on this principle that fat cells are burned and, consequently, weight is reduced.

Unlike other drugs for weight loss, Xenical has another feature – it burns fat without affecting the muscle tissue, which means a lot to people who play sports.

xenical result

Its use is very effective in conjunction with special diets and exercise. Admission Xenical will not only contribute to weight loss, but also the emergence of a clear relief of muscles on the abdomen, buttock and arms. This makes the body visually toned and beautiful.

However, this drug has its one drawback – after the termination of its reception, the work of the digestive system resumes and there is a high probability of returning the lost kilograms. For this reason, it is very important to switch to a healthy diet at the moment when weight loss occurs with the help of the drug. And if you keep it constantly, then the weight will be normal and those extra pounds will not bother you anymore.

The action of Xeniline takes place in two stages. At the initial stage, he normalizes weight, and if a person wants to lose weight further, then at the second stage he helps him lose weight by no more than 20%. After all, if weight loss continues to occur, then there is a high probability of the occurrence of anarexia and the occurrence of serious health problems.

The drug should be taken strictly under the supervision of a physician. He will be able to determine the necessary dosage of the agent and the duration of its administration. It is impossible to neglect its recommendations, as this can turn out badly for you.

How to take Xenical?

Once again we recall how to calculate the BMI. To do this, divide your weight in kilograms by squared height in meters. If the resulting number is in the normal range, then about any obesity and can be no question. Therefore, taking Xenical is contraindicated. If the resulting number is above the norm (from 25), then you should contact a specialist to assess the condition of your body and give advice on receiving Xenical.

As a rule, Xenical for weight loss is taken three times a day during the meal. In that case, if a person eats more than three times a day, then it is necessary to take the drug in the intervals of food when food enters the body in larger quantities.

The effect of the use of this tool can be observed only after 2-3 weeks. However, it will be really noticeable only if a person follows a low-calorie diet. No matter how he wanted, he would have to give up sweet, flour, fried, smoked and all fatty foods. Also banned should be sweet soda and alcoholic beverages, as they contribute to the awakening of appetite and a person in captivity begins to eat much more.

During this period, you should give your preference for food, steamed or baked in the oven without adding oil. It is also recommended to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and greens, as they contain many useful substances for the body, which during the period of stress (adaptation) are simply necessary for it.

Do not forget about the use of large amounts of fluid. It will help to improve the work of the intestines, and will also contribute to the rapid removal of the drug and fat, which was not absorbed from the body. In addition, it is normalizes the drinking process of metabolism, which leads to the active burning of fat deposits. Therefore, drink and drink as much as possible.

And here it does not matter at all what exactly you will drink while taking Xenical. Be it plain water or green tea. Kissels, fruit drinks and freshly squeezed juices are also allowed. However, sugar cannot be added to them.

How to use Xenical

Admission Xenical can also be accompanied by physical activity. However, strength training during this period should be postponed. After all, the body during this period will experience stress, and excessive physical activity can disable it, which is fraught with the appearance of severe fatigue and fatigue.

What else is important to know?

Xenical is a weight loss drug, however, like any other drug, it has its own contraindications and side effects, and therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor before using it.

Intake of this drug should be accompanied by fat-soluble vitamins E and D, since the absorption of these elements is also reduced.

Do not rely on luck and consider Xenical a panacea for excess weight. Experts prescribe it only when it comes to the disease – obesity, which is fraught with serious consequences for a person.

In no case can not replace the intake of this drug diet and exercise. You can get positive results only with an integrated approach to solving your problem.

And remember, strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor. If during the reception the manifestation of side effects last for a long time, be sure to notify the specialist. You may have to stop using Xenical to avoid serious health problems.

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