Congratulations to the Metropolitan School of Panama Class of 2023!

Metropolitan School of Panama students have once again demonstrated their academic excellence by obtaining outstanding results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). With an average score of 32.5 points, 60% of its students surpassed the world average of 30.2 points and one outstanding graduate scored 43 points, which is a source of pride for the entire MET educational community.

The IBDP is a rigorous and challenging program that prepares students to meet real-world challenges and sets them up for success in higher education and their future careers. The program focuses on the development of critical skills such as research, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, and fosters in students an active engagement with their community and the world at large.

The results of Metropolitan School of Panama students are a testament to their dedication and hard work in the program. The IBDP focuses not only on academic knowledge but also on personal development and the formation of conscious global citizens. The students of the institution have demonstrated that they are prepared to face the challenges of the world and contribute positively to society.

Furthermore, these results would not have been possible without the support and dedication of the teachers and educational staff. They work hard to provide students with a high-quality education, helping them reach their full potential and preparing them to face the future.

Metropolitan School of Panama is the best performing international school in Panama, with globally recognized academic quality, and is part of the Nord Anglia Education family, the world’s leading school organization.