Ficohsa Seguros and CALI Foundation join forces to promote public health

Ficohsa Seguros and CALI Foundation join forces to promote public health

Tegucigalpa – During an event held at the Clíper clinic, located in the Hato de En Medio neighborhood of the capital, Ficohsa Seguros delivered medical equipment to improve the center and thus provide better care to its users.

Thanks to this initiative, the Chronic Disease Outpatient Clinic project will free 7,900 patients who have pending rescheduling of appointments for external consultations for chronic diseases.

Since its creation, one of the objectives of the CALI H Foundation has been to support the development and strengthening of the most vulnerable sectors of our country. For this reason, the Foundation was part of the execution of the “Outpatient Care and Chronic Disease Clinic” project, which was carried out in collaboration with the Hospital Escuela Foundation and Joint Task Force Bravo.

As an insurance company, Ficohsa Seguros joined these efforts to contribute to the development of the country and the population in general by improving the health sector.

Tethey Martínez, general manager of Ficohsa Seguros said “we are aware of the important role that the private sector has in the development of the country, that is why our commitment has been and will continue to be to contribute and support projects for the communities”.

He also added that for Ficohsa Seguros it is a great day since joining efforts with the CALI Foundation ensures the benefit of hundreds of people in public health issues.

Dr. María Alejandra Ramos, head of the project and member of CALI’s board of directors, said that “without a doubt, to make things happen you need much more than good will, you need empathy, creativity and alliances. From the CALI Foundation we feel privileged to be part of the alliance that has allowed the creation of this clinic that will attend in a dignified and professional manner, first class, to people living with chronic diseases”.

Dr. Osmin Tovar, general director of the main health care center in the country, said “on behalf of Hospital Escuela I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Ficohsa Seguros and CALI H for the important donation of this furniture that will contribute to the operation of the New Outpatient Clinic for Chronic Diseases built in the Peripheral Clinic of Hato de En Medio, a project that will reduce the demand for care for chronic diseases that the Hospital Escuela attends”, with the aim of continuing to provide quality care by the multidisciplinary team. We hope to count on the great support of your institution in future projects.

CALI Foundation will continue to work as a mechanism to alleviate this problem in the External Consultation area of the specialties in the Hospital Escuela facilities and thus achieve the goal of preventing patients suffering from these pathologies from missing their periodic evaluations.