Gestational surrogacy in Asia: high prices make it difficult for families to achieve their dreams

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Gestational surrogacy has presented itself as a solution for families and single people who have had their dreams of becoming parents dashed. In the modern world, there are increasingly more alternatives, so conceiving in a non-conventional way is becoming more common, but not necessarily more accessible.

The high prices for these services remain a difficult obstacle to overcome, especially when there is so much misinformation about what costs and services should be included.

Numbers that don’t add up in gestational surrogacy

In Asia and in many parts of the world, the prices of gestational surrogacy are too high and unaffordable. It is important to keep in mind that the costs involved include medical, legal, and agency fees, as well as the expenses of the surrogate. These can quickly add up, leaving many people in a challenging financial situation.

Conflict of interest

One of the worrying aspects of gestational surrogacy is the presence of companies that seek to maximize their profits at the expense of people who want to become parents.

Some firms speculate on their fees and services, imposing obstacles and additional costs that can result in an unsustainable financial burden. This creates an unequal dynamic in which people who want to be parents find themselves trapped in a system driven by profit.

Poor management

Another critical aspect of gestational surrogacy is the relationship with the surrogate. In the absence of adequate regulations, this relationship can be prone to problems, scams, or blackmail.

Companies that do not establish clear and ethical guidelines for this relationship can put both the prospective parents and the surrogates at risk, creating an environment conducive to legal and emotional disputes.

Who can you trust?

In the midst of these challenges, Family Aims stands out as a safe and honest option for those who are looking to fulfill their dream of becoming parents through gestational surrogacy. It is a specialized agency in the management of these services, with international agreements and a presence in Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina.

Its main differentiator is its non-profit focus and focus on people’s dreams. Through comprehensive service, they manage to transmit trust and security to make this process something beautiful and motivating that does not harm people’s illusions.

Transparency that helps evaluate real costs

One of the most outstanding features of Family Aims is its commitment to offering high-quality, safe, and honest services. The agency recognizes the importance of eliminating unpleasant financial surprises and providing families with the peace of mind of knowing that they can plan accordingly.

This means that people and couples who turn to Family Aims will not be burdened by hidden or excessive costs.


Family Aims approaches the relationship with the surrogate with the utmost seriousness and ethics. The agency ensures that its affiliated clinics conduct physical and psychological evaluations to ensure that the surrogate is healthy, so as not to endanger her or the baby

she is carrying.

In addition, this person is monitored frequently to assess her physical and emotional well-being throughout all stages of the process.

Finding the confidence to achieve your dreams in gestational surrogacy

The key to safe surrogacy management is to contact professionals who are truly interested in you and your well-being. Family Aims is positioning itself as a leader in the world for offering comprehensive services through experts involved in the processes. This firm has been accompanying families for years. In this sense, it understands their uncertainties and anguish and intends to be the help that brings calm to their lives.

With transparent prices, experience in the field, and high-quality standards, Family Aims is here to help you. Don’t let financial challenges prevent you from welcoming your desired child.