Gustavo Petro defends Pedro Castillo after a motion by the Peruvian Congress | Government | Economy

Colombian President Gustavo Petro He returned to the defense of former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, assuring that he is president “elected by the people without being able to exercise his functions and detained without conviction by a criminal judge” after the rejection displayed by the Peruvian Congress for “acts of interference”.

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The Congress of Peru approved, this Wednesday, December 28, a parliamentary motion rejecting “the constant acts of interference in internal affairs” of the Andean country by the presidents of MexicoAndrés Manuel López Obrador and the Colombian.

Referring to this rejection of the Peruvian Congress to the declarations of Colombia and Mexico, the only ones to have openly supported Castillo with the presidents of Argentina, Alberto Fernández and Bolivia, Luis Arce, Petro reiterated his position through a message on social networks.

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“Article 23 of the American convention establishes as a political right to elect and to be elected. To remove this right, a condemnation of a criminal judge is necessary. We have in South America a president elected by universal suffrage without being able to perform his duties and detained without a conviction from a criminal judge”, Petro wrote on his Twitter account.

The Colombian president also added What “The violation of the American Convention on Human Rights is manifest in Peru. I cannot ask the Venezuelan government to reinstate the inter-American human rights system and, at the same time, applaud the fact that this system is violated in Peru. »he assured.

The new administration of Peru had already shown his “deep malaise” by the statements of Petro in support of Castillo considering them as an interference “unacceptable” in the internal affairs of the country.

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The government of Dina Boluarte refers to Petro’s post in which he assured that “today there is a crisis” in Peru, where there are “a president elected by the people imprisoned”which he describes as “blast”.

Pedro Castillo, the former president of Peru.


Petro also said that the internal crisis in Peru “it changes the timing of the integration process that we have brought”, So, as he pointed out, the difficulties that Congress The Peruvian had put Pedro Castillo travel to Latin American meetings prevented “the articulation, the economic integration of Latin America and the Andean space”.

Colombia also signed a declaration with the governments of Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia, ensuring that Castillowhom they still recognize as president, is “a victim of anti-democratic harassment”, to which the Peruvian government has responded by calling its ambassadors for consultations.

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Castillo was removed from office on December 7 by Congressafter announcing that he would close the legislature and rule by decree, and He is currently serving an 18-month preventive detention. for the alleged commission of the crime of rebellion and conspiracy, charges for which he faces a 10-year prison sentence.