How to pass through fertility treatment?

Babynova, fertility treatment, Colombia

Although for many people the road to having a family is a process full of joy and gratification, for others it is an experience of resistance, frustration and uncertainty. When conception does not occur, and desires and aspirations are at stake, many difficulties are encountered, especially when fertility treatment has started.

Although they are a hopeful option and the best alternative to cultivate the dream of having a child, assisted reproduction techniques can be frightening. That is why we contacted José Pablo Saffon, CEO of Babynova by Novafem, a fertility clinic based in Colombia. Thanks to his extensive experience with patients from all over the world, we were able to find out about some of the challenges faced by these people, who, like many others, are going through this journey.

Understanding and accepting emotions

According to Babynova, the diagnosis of infertility or difficulties in conceiving can have a major impact. In this regard, they explain that it is normal to feel sadness, frustration, anxiety and, sometimes, even guilt.

They maintain that in order to move forward in the process, it is fundamental to accept the emotions that one goes through, understanding that they are natural and that they are part of the transition. That is why open communication and support are crucial to get through this stage.

Recognizing the need for help

Babynova explains that many patients arrive at the consultation with a sense of anticipation, they do not accept the medical opinion or the possible fertility treatment indicated for their situation, and this is normal. In their long experience, they have learned not to judge this situation, but to accompany. They understand that it is difficult and there are even those who question their masculinity or femininity.

Seeking treatment is a decision that can often falter, especially if it is for two people, however, it is the best option. Today there are hundreds of alternatives, not accepting this help is choosing to perpetuate the pain unnecessarily.

Learning to listen

When you go to a specialist, he or she will not always give you the desired option, but the most recommended one according to each case. Babynova, in particular, is a comprehensive clinic. This means that it not only provides fertility treatment but also diagnosis and follow-up in these processes. Its professionals are the ones who indicate the most appropriate approach and they recognize that sometimes it is not what some patients expect.

Most of the time, patients prefer less invasive and faster alternatives; however, this may not always be the case. It is for these reasons that experts encourage patients to learn about all the options well before determining which one is the most appropriate. It is important for patients to be able to get an idea of the possible routes to parenthood and not to close themselves off to these solutions.

Maintain a positive attitude and perseverance during fertility treatment

Any treatment and its effectiveness will depend in part on the perseverance of the prospective parents. Accepting that results may take time and maintaining honest communication is critical. It will definitely not be easy, but it will be worth it.

For their part, Babynova understands the importance of providing emotional support at all times. They are also part of this process and they get emotional and suffer along with their patients. This involvement led them to offer a complete service that can dispel concerns, bring calm and, finally, fulfill dreams. Thats why starting from their purpose they are willing to give a warm and safe experienc.

Remember: You and your partner are not alone, trust the specialists.