Petro asks the ICBF not to buy Bienestarina anymore | Government | Economy

President Gustavo Petro asked the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) stop buying Bienestarina, a precooked food “based on a mixture of cereals, legumes and whole milk powder, with vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids and easy to prepare”.

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The president assures that it is “imported and expensive”. Therefore, he suggested prioritize feeding the country’s children with products grown in Colombia.

When the ICBF delivers Bienestarina, it makes a big mistake, because Bienestarina wholesales imported products and they distribute them to children, that’s where they are not stolen. Well no, for the children to be fed, the territory must produce enough food and not import it, and well-being must cost us an arm and a leg when the territory should provide this food“said the Head of State.

your statements occurred in the middle of their arrival at the corregimiento of Coyongal, in the municipality of Magangué, in the department of Bolívar. There the community pot program was installed, a bet that was made by the government at one of the times of the declaration of natural disaster for the winter.

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In his speech, Petro also spoke about the new long-term plan to fight hunger through buy crops from farmers and the creation of a low-cost food distribution network.

Along with this, via his Twitter account, the president explained that for the early childhood program to be effective “We must move from the very neoliberal concept of food security, which is based on food imports and major ordering parties, to food sovereignty in the territory where the children live”.

The idea is that these measures be implemented in the emergency humanitarian aid plan piloted by the National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD), in order to guarantee the food security of the victims.

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