Photos: Scenes From Morocco’s Deadly Magnitude-6.8 Earthquake

Follow the latest news on Morocco’s deadly earthquake.

A powerful earthquake struck about 50 miles from the southern city of Marrakesh in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, killing more than 2,000 people, turning houses and buildings into rubble and terrifying residents.

Morocco has a history of serious earthquakes, and the one that hit shortly after 11 p.m. on Friday was the strongest to strike the area in more than a century. The full extent of the casualties and damages was not yet known.

“It didn’t last long,” said one person who experienced the quake in Amizmiz, about 30 miles southwest of Marrakesh, “but felt like years.”

Men stand in front of their house as they build temporary shelter in the Douar Tnirt village in the Atlas Mountains of Al Haouz province, Morocco.

Residents sit in a temporary shelter in the village of Azgour.

A destroyed house in the village of Azgour.

Men donate blood for victims at the Marrakesh Regional Blood Transfusion Center.

Residents walk past destroyed buildings in Amizmiz.

A damaged mosque in the old city of Marrakesh.

A kitten sitting on a destroyed vehicle in the old city of Marrakesh.

A damaged hotel in Moulay Brahim.

The earthquake struck late Friday night, forcing many residents of Marrakesh to evacuate their homes and shelter in open spaces in the city.

Using heavy equipment to search for survivors in a heavily damaged building in Marrakesh.

The wall of a house collapsed into a neighboring building in the village of Tansghart.

Inspecting the damage in Marrakesh.

Residents of the village of Ouirgane digging graves for victims of the earthquake.

Rescue workers searching for survivors in Moulay Brahim, near the epicenter.

Bodies pulled from the rubble of destroyed homes in Moulay Brahim.

A woman outside a heavily damaged building in the old city of Marrakesh.

Red Crescent workers removing large boulders that were blocking a road connecting the High Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh.

Sunlight filtering through a hole in the side of a house caused by the earthquake in the village of Tansghart.